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Ila Safari Lodge

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ILA SAFARI LODGE Ila Safari Lodge is located on the very threshold of Kafue National Park in Zambia. The lodge sits right on the banks of . .
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Ila Safari Lodge is located on the very threshold of Kafue National Park in Zambia. The lodge sits right on the banks of the Kafue River in an area of abundant wildlife and boasts 180-degree views out over the water.

Ila Safari Lodge is a new (2016) true eco-lodge providing facilities of the highest quality to a maximum of 24 guests. Soon after being welcomed by our team you will be basking in the tranquility and luxury of our lodge surrounded by the vast Kafue wilderness.


Mwaoneka pa Ila Safari Lodge, twakondwela pokuonani! Welcome to Ila Safari Lodge, we are happy to meet you!

Soon after being welcomed by our team you be basking in tranquility and luxury of our lodge surrounded by the great wilderness of Kafue National Park.

Ila Safari Lodge is a true eco-lodge providing facilities of the highest quality to a maximum of 24 guests. The lodge is located on the banks of the mighty Kafue River in an area of abundant wildlife and boasts 180 degree views out across the water.


Our central boma is best described by the phrase 'eco friendly meets dynamic design' and is the showpiece of our property. Designed from inception to provide top notch facilities for 24 guests it boasts a stunning modern pool, an openair restaurant, bar and lounge with 180 degree views out over the river, a boat jetty, a fireplace and a firepit area for after dinner gatherings. All large original trees have been incorporated into the building including our iconic 'twin palms' which sit next to the swimming pool and which the entire building was built around to protect.

Take a dip in our cutting edge designer pool, dine on mouth-watering cuisine, kick back and enjoy a book or just watch the world go by with an ice cold drinks in hand from the lounge.


Our name was inspired by the Ila people, a cattle herding tribe residing in the valley of the Kafue River. Their distinctive hairstyle called ‘isusu’ was designed to allow fellow members of hunting or war parties to see eachother over the tall grass of the Kafue floodplains. The style was formed with plaited hair stiffened with a sliver of antelope horn. The Ila weapon of choice was the spear and they used many differing varieties with much display of skill. Battles were generally with other tribes over stolen cattle.

We are proud to recognise this fascinating people wherever possible at the lodge. To read more on the Ila people click here.


To make the most of all Kafue has to offer we recommend you spend 4 nights with us. Explore and go with our wide range of activities or stop and relax in the blissful surrounds of the lodge.

May there never be a dull moment at Ila Safari Lodge, we want you to leave feeling fulfilled!

To get an idea of the sort of game viewing you can expect to experience during a stay with us check out this video. All footage was taken during a 3 night stay in Kafue.

For more information on Kafue National Park click here.

We offer the following activities:


Alongside our 3 game viewers we are the proud owners of Zambia's very first 'Electronic Landrover' (ELandy). This vehicle allows you to experience all the sights and sounds of the bush in near silence and with a sense of environmental care. The Elandy is kept close to camp and operates in the Game Management Area for short drives or the relatively common 'dinner table dash' to investigate what that sound in the night was or how close those lion calls are! You can read more about this vehicle here.

Our Elandy aside we have 3 top of the range game viewers which reside on the park side of the river. It's a quick float in a boat over to them which is always a nice way to start the morning! Our guides are all masters of their craft, spend a morning or afternoon exploring the park with them and see what you can find. Regular sightings include lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, a wide range of antelopes including roan, sable and zebra, hippo, crocodile, warthog, genet, jackal, mongoose, every entertaining baboons and monkeys and a myriad of species of bird. Our rarer species are also on the cards including wild dog, cheetah, honey badger, civet, serval, bushpig, porcupine and bushbaby. If you want to get further afield a full day drive with a picnic lunch is always an option.


Had enough of the African massage?! Take a smooth and serene boat cruise either at dawn or for sunset on one of our boats. Staying on theme 1 of our boats are solar powered. To read more about our eBoat click here.

There is nothing quite like quietly drifting down the mighty Kafue river taking in the sights and sounds of the river with a breeze in your hair! Spend a relaxing few hours following the river bank to see what is living on the water or coming down to drink. Sunset from the water is particularly beautiful!


Want to be a bit more active?! Head out on a walking safari with one of our specialist walking guides and an armed Zambian Wildlife officer. Using footprints and spoor track game using your own two feet as power. Get up close and personal to nature and appreciate the smaller things that you may miss from a vehicle


Set out on the river with rod, tackle and one of our fishing guides to show you all the best spots. For experienced fishermen we can target specific species or if you just want to try your hand see if you can land a big bream. We have basic equipment available on site but recommend professional fishermen bring their gear.


This project is situated at the Nalusanga Gate, the entrance to the Kafue National Park. The aim is to assist the community to grow a greater variety of fresh produce for their own consumption and for selling at the local market. Lodge owners and other travellers in the area will be able to purchase these products as they enter the park.


As of mid-April 2017 we will be offering an outing and lunch with the Ladies Club at the nearby Chunga Community. A delicious traditional meal will be prepared and guests will be able to learn about the local community, culture and traditions whilst interacting with the local people.



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