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Zambia Popular Places to Visit

West Lunga National Park

WEST LUNGA NATIONAL PARK West Lunga National Park is one of Zambia’s less-visited Parks. It was proclaimed in the 1940s to protect the population of Yellow-backed Duiker, but it has had little official interest over the years and has mainly been used for hunting and fishing by the local communities. Recently the West Lunga Development Trust was set up to help conserve

Mweru Wantipa National Park

MWERU WANTIPA NATIONAL PARK The swampland surrounding Lake Mweru Wantipa in the far northern part of the country is much the same as the swamps of the Bangweulu in its profusion of waterbirds during the rainy season. The lake is surrounded by local fishing villages. It is possible to ask them to take you through the swamps in a dugout for

Lusenga Plains National Park

LUSENGA PLAINS NATIONAL PARK Lusenga Plains National Park is in Luapula province in the North of Zambia. This park has not been operational for many years but it is now being restocked. Impala and zebra have been released , and soon wildebeest . Sabi Sands in SA is working on a project to relocate between 300 and 500 elephant from Sabi

Lusaka National Park

LUSAKA NATIONAL PARK Lusaka National Park is located roughly 30 kilometres from Zambia’s capital city and opened to the public in June 2015, making it Zambia’s newest and most accessible park. This new and exciting national park is the 20th National Park to be established in Zambia, and only the second national park to be established in a city environment, the

Lukusuzi National Park

LUKUSUZI NATIONAL PARK Located on the eastern escarpment of the Luangwa Valley, between the North and South Luangwa Parks. To date this park has had no development or even management and the status of game is uncertain. There are apparently plans in the pipeline for its privatisation. Check with the tourist board for any new developments. For the curious 4×4 adventurer,


Ithezhi-tezhi Sitting on the shores of Lake Itezhi Tezhi, Shiluwe Safari Lodge is a relaxing family getaway, located just south-west section of the Southern Province of Zambia. It is the seat of the Itezhi-Tezhi District. It lies west of the town of Namwala on the border of the Kafue National Park. Picture-perfect views inspire you to unwind in comfortable suites, lake

Lavushi Manda National Park

LAVUSHI MANDA NATIONAL PARK Situated in the northern province of Zambia in the Mpika District is the awe-inspiring Lavushi Manda National Park. This beautiful stretch of wild African bush covers a surface area of 1 500 square kilometres and gets its name from the magnificent range of rocky hills in the area; Lavushi Manda. Declared a national park more recently in 1972,


SOLWEZI Solwezi is the capital of the North-Western Province of Zambia.   Kaonde is the largest tribe represented in Solwezi, but you can also find large numbers of Lunda and Luvale. The main industry of Solwezi is copper mining. Three miles from city centre you can find the “Kifubwa Rock Stream Shelter” located next to the Kifubwa River. There are inscriptions to be found from the

Sioma Ngwezi National Park

SIOMA NGWEZI NATIONAL PARK Sioma Ngwezi National Park is mainly covered by Kalahari woodland. It is the third largest Park in Zambia covering a total area of more than 5000 km2. The Park has been heavily poached, but the situation is improving and wildlife is recovering. As an example elephants are returning to the Park, seen at the southeast border where

Liuwa Plain

LIUWA PLAIN This remote park in the far west is pristine wilderness, which, to the ardent bush-lover, is its biggest attraction, and the rewards are great indeed. The game is spread out across the plains and takes some driving around to find, but to come upon a vast herd of blue wildebeest, a prowling wild dog, or a pride of dozing lions