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Lavushi Manda National Park

Lavushi Manda National Park, Zambia


Situated in the northern province of Zambia in the Mpika District is the awe-inspiring Lavushi Manda National Park. This beautiful stretch of wild African bush covers a surface area of 1 500 square kilometres and gets its name from the magnificent range of rocky hills in the area; Lavushi Manda.

Declared a national park more recently in 1972, the Lavushi Manda National Park is still recovering from decades of poaching – but already a wide range of wildlife can be spotted within the park, including the more rare sable and roan antelope, alongside warthog, jackal, duikers, rock rabbits and so much more.
Marked as an important bird area, a total of 270 bird species have already been identified, and it’s believed that this list will increase with time.
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